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Stage Specs

The stage deck is 4' off the ground, 56' wide by 36' deep, with sound wings 12' wide by 16' deep stage right, and 12' wide by 14' deep stage left. A loading dock 20' wide by 16' deep allows two tractor trailers to be unloaded, at the same time, upstage left. The stage is constructed of a Staging Concepts SC9600 support structure with SC90 decking, capable of a live load capacity of 155 pounds per square foot.


The curved enclosure, over the stage, reaches a height of approximately 40' at the center, and the I-beams decrease in height the further off stage they are. Seven I-beams run upstage/downstage on 10' centers. The center @ beam is 9" stage right of the center line. Their measurements from the stage deck are:
30'6" at center
29' at 10' SL and SR of center
26'6" at 20' SL and SR of center
19' at 30' SL and SR of center

(Note: The offstage I-beam SL and SR increases to 22'6" at the downstage edge for sound rigging)

The maximum allowable weight per point is 2,000 lbs., with a minimum spacing of 5'. The maximum allowable weight per beam is 6,000 lbs. The amphitheater roof is capable of a total maximum load of 20,000 lbs. No bridles are allowed. A rigging diagram of the amphitheater is available upon request.


Lighting: 2 - 400 amp 3 phase 5 wire (Up Stage Right)
Sound: 1 - 200 amp 3 phase 5 wire (Up Stage Right)
Shore Power: A limited amount is available.

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